Our Story


I’m Amber, beekeeper and co-creator of Maple Greenview. My engagement with Maple Greenview involves everything from bee slinging, to honey swindling ‘n dealing, to hive architecture. I am the friendly face you see around town.


If I Were a Flower

You may be asking, what makes you flower like? If I could pick an object in nature, it would be the dandelion, both flower and weed. You see, I love polliniferous bugs, I’m a naturalist, I’m also bright and in constant pursuit of happiness. What makes me “weedy” is my tenacity for success, outstanding resiliency and most unquestionably, my hatred for pesticides.


We continue to grow

Dissecting the art of beekeeping to perfection is our responsibility. In order to provide Alberta businesses with a quality product, careful practices in beekeeping must first be accomplished. Studying eusocial insects both theoretically and physically has saturated our lives since 2011.

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