Become a Sponsor

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Become a bee hero. Support your local farmer, engage in community, help your city thrive, and contribute to your local economy.


How it works

Sponsorship pays for the hive, materials, and bees. Maple Greenview sets up, maintains, and tends to the hives throughout the season, ensuring healthy, productive bees. Bees are kept and maintained on our land.

As a sponsor you have exclusive access to your hive’s product. You can purchase from 50 to 100 lbs of honey per hive at the wholesale price. Sponsorship entitles you to keep your honey for friends and family, or sell your honey for retail market prices, and share your hive sponsorship story with your customers.

White label your honey and tell a story

Sponsorship allows you to have your own branded honey jars and increase your brand awareness. This charming advertisement lets your customers see how much your business cares about, and supports, a healthy ecosystem and thriving honey bee population. Create a memorable story for your honey and your company.

How Sponsorship Connects Communities and Bees

An act as simple as hive sponsorship helps to support a local and regional food business. Your connection encourages the growth of a declining bee population, helps to raise awareness about flower health, honeybee sustainability and a chemical free environment.

Nectar Source and Honey Flavour

Bright and fresh like the first day of spring, our honey is a wildflower flavour. Cultivated from sources of dandelion, sweet clover, and finished with alfalfa. The result is a pale golden colour, a rich and full texture, and a flavour consisting of a floral body, with notes of vanilla and toffee.

Jars and Sizing

Each 500ml mason jar contains 2 lbs of honey. 100 lbs of honey is delivered in 50 mason jars (unless otherwise specified).

Vintage Illustration Jar of Honey


An annual sponsorship is $350 per hive. 100 pounds of honey from the sponsored hive is available at $10/lb.

The honey is harvested in August. Deliveries of honey can be expected from late August through to early September.

Sponsor a Hive